Chuck Ohman

Charles A. Ohman served the Lord as Music Director at Calvary Baptist Church for 30 years beginning in 1956.

Chuck, a world renowned trumpet player, used his musical talent to glorify God’s name and the Calvary Baptist Church was blessed as a result. During his time at Calvary, the musical worship was truly amazing. He oversaw 30 years of Thanksgiving Concerts (seven held at Calvary and 23 held at the Ford Auditorium in Detroit) and led the Calvary Singers. Chuck also performed with the Ohman Brass, recording many Christian albums and performing at various churches, concert halls and Christian events around the world. He and the Ohman Brass was also featured with the Billy Graham Crusade at Madison Square Garden in New York.

Chuck Ohman, also known for his baritone voice has been on many radio shows throughout the years and he currently serves in the Jack Van Impe Ministry.

Mr. Ohman has graciously donated his narration of the New Testament as well as some of his personal photos and musical recordings.