Dr. David Allen

Dr. David D. Allen received Christ as Savior in Atlantic City, N.J. at the age of 22.

He attended Wake Forest University and graduated from Philadelphia college of Bible (Cairn University) in 1937. In 1938 Dr. Allen married Dorothy Smith, the young lady who was instrumental in leading him to the Savior.

Following his first six-year pastorate at Church of the Open Bible, Trenton, N.J., he was called to his second pastorate at Calvary Baptist Church, Hazel Park, Michigan in 1942. Dr. Allen served as pastor of Calvary Baptist Church for 50 years. He went to be with the Lord in 2003.

Dr. Allen was in constant demand at Christian Education conventions, Bible conferences and youth ministries across the country.

His exposition of the Scriptures influenced lives of untold students at the former Detroit Bible College, where he was Vice President for many years, and Grand Rapids Bible College, where a Doctor of Divinity degree was conferred on him in 1966.

The Allen’s have two married sons, David and Daniel, who both served as full time pastors.

David D. Allen Jr.